About Us

RUIYOO was founded in February 2020 by sisters – Janet Low, Yumiko Low and Ruiiy Low.

It was aim to ensure that everyone can create a style that is chic yet affordable. The concept soon turned reality through the Dream Series range.

RUIYOO has also recently launched a new line – Cheongsam – bringing the concept of modern chic to a traditional heritage.

RUIYOO 从马来西亚出发,由三姐妹Janet Low, Yumiko Low & Ruiiy Low成立于2020年。

RUIYOO 所提倡的都是简约易搭款,也认为同样的衣服,不同的人可以穿出不同的风格。

所以,希望每位女孩都能穿出适合自己的穿搭,创造出属于自己的风格, 而不是被世俗的想法所框架。

Match Yoo Own Style, Be Yoo Own Label